Heinkel He-178, with the first turbine engine of the world, HeS-3B

http://jpcolliat.free.fr/he178/he178-3.htm: ” Heinkel decided to build two specimens of them: the He-178V-1 equipped with the HeS-3B engine and the He-178V equipped with the HeS-6 engine then under development. He-178 Heinkel He-178 had a cylindrical fuselage of section, of oval profile, with air intake frontal and exhaust nozzle at the back end of the fuselage.The rolling tests began on August 24, 1939, then the great day arrived for Heinkel, Von Ohain and Warsitz, on August 27, 1939, with the first gleams of the morning. The program was as follows: takeoff of He-178 by its own means, straight line, turn, turn of the ground and landing. All occurred in accordance with the plan, the flight lasted six minutes at an altitude of two approximately thousand meters. He-178 On the official side did not have, this time still, not to miss disappointments Heinkel. The same morning, at 4 a.m. 30, the principal promoter of the first jet which had just flown in an entirely autonomous way telephoned Ernst Udet. Here how it told later this episode in its autobiography entitled “Stürmische Leben” (a stormy life): “II was necessary one moment so that Udet answers, of a deadened tone and grumbler. Hello, say to him I, here Heinkel, I wanted to simply to say you that the Warsitz captain has just flown successfully the first jet of the world, He-178, with the first turbine engine of the world, HeS-3B, and that it landed without difficulty”.


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