Col. Yevgeni Georgievich Pepelyayev, Soviet Ace

yvengeni.gifCol. Yevgeni Georgievich Pepelyayev was one of best MiG-15 Fagot pilots and was also one of the Top Aces of the war. He commanded the 196th IAP, 324th IAD, and he obtained 23 kills in Korea -19 were official and the other 4 were possible victories- distributed among 12 F-86s, five F-80s, four F-84s and two F-94s. His first victory happened on May 20 1951 (a F-86), and the last one occured at the beginning of the next year, on January 15 1951, against a Sabre too. But he obtained his most famous air-to-air victories on July 11 and October 6 1951 (both Sabre kills).

pepelyaevsmig.jpg Drawing of the MiG-15bis Fagot # 1315325 (“325”), plane used by Colonel Yevgeni Pepelyaev on October 6th 1951 to shotdown the F-86 BuNo 49-1319. With this aircraft Pepelyaev obtained 17 of his 19 official air victories.

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