Other use of used aircraft engine

VC-1 АИСТ-5ВМ , АИСТ-5ТМ , ТМ-59 , ТМГ-3 , ТМС-65 , Used aircraft engines apply the resources in thermal machines AIST-5VM, AIST-5TM, HM-59, TMG-3, TMS-65, a car fire AGVT-100 (157)


. Airfield wind machine AIST-5VM developed in the NGO Aviaistok “on the chassis of the car KrAZ-255B1. Designed for the removal of moisture from the surface of airfields, snow, extraneous matter

At the basic chassis cab vehicle for a cross – turbojet engine VC-1. For the engine fitted to the fuel tank.


Thermal machine TMG-3 developed at the plant “Sevdormash.” Designed to clean and rulezhek runways of snow and ice. Represents a trailer axle embodied in front of the car.The frame of uniaxial trailer mounted jet engine VC-1.


Thermal machine TM-59 is designed for communal Mtsensk plant engineering. Designed to clean and rulezhek runways of snow and ice, and for degassing and decontamination of aircraft.

In front of the tractor to pristykovana bogie with the turbo engine R-25-300. In the rear of the tractor fitted tank for the liquid detergent volume of 3 m 3.


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