Fighter MiG-15

Destroyer “MiG-15” 1944 it was the period of the baptism of fire of military jet aviation, and its formation occurred during the Korean war. The US Air Force began military actions, being confident to 100%, that they have best aviation equipment in the world. And the very beginning of Korean war, it seemed, strengthened Americans in this opinion. That large shock was for them the appearance of Soviet destroyers “MiG-15”. During entire history of world aviation not one newly developed aircraft produced this furore as “MiG-15”. The West was stupefied, since even it did not suspect, that this aircraft is already built. American pilots for the first time refer with it in the air battles above Korea. Pilots could not believe their eyes: destroyer very rapidly gained altitude and he dived swifter the best American machines, and also had excellent maneuverability. “MiG-15” it were created thus. After World War II Great Britain returned to the Soviet Union the new English turbojet engine of the “Nina”, which let out the firm “Rolls-Royce”. Englishmen themselves by this time placed not one such motor on the domestic aircraft. Because of this gift at the end of 1947 the aircraft “MiG-15” equipped shityu the nelitsenzirovannymi modifications of the engine of the “Nina” and approached the test flights. “MiG-15” was singleseater fighter with the turbojet engine “VK -1” by thrust 2700 kg. it had the maximum speed of 1076 km/h, a ceiling of the gain of altitude of 15 500 m, a flying range 1330 km, with the use of suspension tanks – 1860 km the mass of empty aircraft was 3681 kg, maximum takeoff mass – 6050 kg. Spread is wing “MiG-15” – 10,08 m, the length of 10,86 m, a height of 3,4 m, wing area 20,6 m2. Aircraft in arsenal had one 37- millimeter gun “N -37” and two 23- millimeter guns “NS -23”, to 500 kg of bombs on the wingtip pylons. Certainly, during the Korean war Soviet pilots, who piloted “MiG-15”, bore large losses, but this can be explained by their inexperience: was too little naletano hour during the trainings. To 1960. “MiG-15” as the destroyer it stood in arsenal of the armies of 15 countries of peace. But into that moment, when these small, brisk machines appeared in the airspace of Korea, they introduced large correctives into the arrangement of forces and almost instantly changed balance, after showing Americans, yes even to entire West, that the Soviet Union possesses necessary technologies and sufficiently developed industrial infrastructure in order to produce contemporary aviation engineering.


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