МиГ-17 & МиГ-21 in USAF

USAF owned MiG http://wapedia.mobi/en/Tonopah_Test_Range_Airport

In August 1966, Iraqi Air Force fighter pilot Captain Munir Redfa defected, flying his MiG-21 to Israelafter being ordered to attack Iraqi Kurd villages with napalm. His aircraft was transferred to Nevada within a month.[citation needed] In 1968 the US Air Force and Navy jointly formed a project known asHave Donut in which they flew this acquired Soviet made MiG-21 aircraft in simulated air combat training at a top secret facility in Nevada known as Detachment 3, Air Force Flight Test Center, also known as Groom Lake and Area-51. That facility was the birthplace of the SR-71 as well as other projects that remain to be discussed.

In 1968 two ex-Iraqi MiG-17s transferred from Israeli stocks were added to the operation and it was renamed Have Drill and the project was transferred to the Tonopah Test Range Airport. These aircraft were given USAF designations and fake serial numbers so that they may be identified in DOD standard flight logs. In May 1973, Project Have Idea was formed which took over from the older Have Donut, Have Ferry and Have Drill projects.

In July 1975, the 4477th Tactical Evaluation Flight (“Red Eagles”) was formed at Nellis AFB as tactical evaluation organization, and in December 1977 the 6513th Test Squadron (“Red Hats”) was formed at Edwards AFB to perform technical evaluations of these aircraft. Some aggressor training was done where the units went head to head against USAF fighters in mock dogfights at this time to find out and exploit possible weaknesses. On 1 April 1977, the 4477th TEF was reassigned to Tonopah.

In 1980 the 4477th TEF was made a full-fledged squadron and the operation was renamed again toConstant Peg. The squadron developed realistic combat training operations featuring adversary tactics, dissimilar air combat training, and electronic warfare. Over the years more aircraft were acquired until they numbered about two dozen including ultra modern MiG-23s. Egypt was thought to turn over a number of un-needed MiGs but planes kept coming in from other sources as well. No less than threeCuban pilots brought their MiGs to Florida. A number of Chinese made MiGs were purchased outright from China via the front company Combat Core Certification Professionals Company (CCCP!) and imported in crates. Three Syrians flew their MiG-23 and MiG-29s to Turkey in 1988.

МиГ-17 & F5A & МиГ-21


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