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Korean air war statistics from sources of USA and USSR

December 5, 2007
Data from:
Overall losses of American planes 2837
Combat losses of American planes 1097+271 *
Combat losses of F86 Sabres 103 ? LoL! 651+181 *
Combat losses of B29 Super Fortress 17 69
Combat losses of F84 Thunder Jet 18 186+27 *
Combat losses of F80 Shooting Star 15 117+30 *
Combat losses of F51 Mustang 12 28+12 *
Combat losses of Meteor G.8 5 28+7 *
Rescued US pilots (it’s interesting to compare with the number of lost planes) 1000++
Kills by B29 34 0
Kills by Sabres 810
Losses of MiGs by Sabres 792
Losses of MiGs 885 335+231 *
Combat losses of other Communist planes 69
Not-combat losses of Communist planes 1800 ~10+? *

* The 1st number is for the Soviets, the 2nd number is for United Air Army of China and Korea

Some Air Combats

The world 1st jet-vs-jet kill. On November 1st, 1950 was the encounter of MiG-15 and F80 flights. The Soviet pilot Khominyh shot down one of the Shooting Stars. The Americans hide this loss, and did so in future. Many shot down planes were writen-off as “not-combat losses”.

aimed F84 aimed F86 aimed F80F80 shot down aimed B29

12th April 1951. 48 escorted B29 tried to attack a bridge over Yalutsyan river. 36 MiG-15 shot down 9 bombers. The Americans said 3 lost and 7 damaged SuperFortresses, and claimed 9 MiGs from 64..72 attackers, plus 6 probablies and 4 damaged. In fact, all Soviet fighters returned safety.

12th September 1951. 80 MiG-15 attaked about 150 F80, which strafed ground targets between Anchzu and Phenian. 15 Shooting Stars were shot down, 3 MiGs were damaged.

“The Black Tuesday”. 30th October 1951. 21 B29 escorted by about 200 F86 and F84, tried to attack Namsi airfield. They were intercepted by 44 MiGs, which shot down 12 B29 and 4 F84. 1 MiG-15 was shot down by Sabres. The rest of SuperFortresses were damaged, but managed to escape. According the American sources, were lost 8 bombers. 


F80 in Korean War

November 11, 2007

It was the first jet war. And the F-80 Shooting Star was USAF’s first jet to be used in combat. These F-80s, from the 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, are on the flight line, awaiting their next sortie.

Vietnam War Jet

November 11, 2007