Battle of MiG 17 in Vietnam

Battle of MiG 17

MiG-17 was widely used in a number of wars, the first of which began fighting in Egypt in the autumn of 1956 Air opponents MiG-17 F in the war were French fighter Dassault Mister IV and Hurricane. The Egyptian Air Force has only 12 aircraft MiG-17 F, as a result of this war played a much smaller role compared to the much larger number of MiG fighter aircraft fleet-15 bis. According to Egyptian figures, in the air battle over the airfield Kabrit three MiG aircraft F-17 fighter was shot three Mister IV, the Egyptian aircraft suffered no losses. Israel does not confirm these figures, pointing in turn, that the overall loss of the Egyptian Air Force ever fighting is a MiG-17 F, shot in the air battle. MiG-17 was used in the Arab-Israeli war in 1967 and in 1973 But already by the time the Six Day War in 1967 up VVS Egypt and Syria came third generation jet fighters: supersonic MiG-21 F, which, along with MiG-19 and the most widely used against Israeli fighter French production in an unsuccessful attempt to win Arab domination in the air. A number of aircraft MiG-17 F Egyptian Air Force, it was decided to refocus the implementation assault operations. To this end, they have been modified with the installation of weapons in the NAR podkrylevyh additional external pylons and bombs under the fuselage. Each podkrylevom rails at the site to establish four NARa “Sakr” fire 76 mm. Aircraft modification has been performed in Egypt, NARy built there.

Nevertheless MiGam-17 jet had to engage in battle with supersonic aircraft, but the United States, including F-105 Republic ‘Thunderchief’ and MacDonnell- Douglas F-4 Phantom. This happened in the skies over North Vietnam in 1960 years. MiG-17 F was the first Vietnamese Air Force jet fighter aircraft. Initially (in August 1964), Vietnam supplied MiG-17 F Chinese (J-5), and then the Soviet-made. The main task set before the Vietnamese fighter MiG-17 F, was to prevent the American attack planes to protected sites. Reached tactics of fighter attack aircraft included involvement in the air battle to force them to drop the load before the bombing to end. The discovery of MiG-17 aircraft was difficult because of their small size and the ability to operate with malopodgotovlennyh airfields. Usually MiG-17 patrolling at low altitude along the route known approach and the care of American combat aircraft and enemy detection recruited at the height forsazhe to intercept enemy aircraft. Many American> pilots argue that the fighter MiG-17 F to around weapons they feared much more than the MiG-21 aircraft PFM with missile weapons. In turn, many severovetnamskie pilots, commending agile, simple design and effectiveness gun weapons aircraft MiG-17, given to him in comparison with the next-generation fighter MiG-21 and MiG-PF 21 PFM.

Home matches fighters MiG-17 aircraft with American position battle, which took place in the skies of Vietnam on April 2, 1965 Then, a meeting took place in the air with a MiG-17 F-4. But first victory aircraft MiG-17 won the April 4, 1965 On that day, four MiG-17 F in the skies over Thanh Hoa intercepted eight attack aircraft F-105 American air force and opened fire around, shot down two of them. April 4 has been in Vietnam as Aviation Day. The first flight of American Navy (A-4 Skyhawk) was shot down MiG-17 on May 3, 1965 – this was the first case of shooting down American aircraft Vietnamese deck aircraft. The first MiG-17 F was lost in the air battle on June 17, 1965 On that day, two American aircraft F-4B, aircraft flying out of “Midway”, met in the air to the south of Hanoi, four MiG fighters and F-17 shot down two of them.

Attempts have been made to use aircraft MiG-17 and to strike targets. April 19, 1972 two MiG-17 aircraft coming from the private airfield near Donghoya, made a sudden attack of two American destroyers, gunships Vietnamese coastal artillery positions. This was the first air attack, which came seventh American naval fleet since the Second World War. They have committed this radius, had previously been modified by the Vietnamese: they were braking parachutes (for the use of aircraft from small sites) and podkrylevye BOMB aimed at suspending fire bombs and 250 kg. One American was hit by a bomb struck, but one of the aircraft was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile fired from the second esmintsa.

In Soviet data until 1970 in Southeast Asia, the ratio of losses in air battles with American aircraft was 2,3:1 in favor of MiG-17 with the loss of 59 MiG-17. In 1972, which resumed after a break of active hostilities, Vietnam lost 35 combat aircraft, excluding the MiG-21, but given MiG-17. In western same data, only American Air Force pilots (excluding deck Aviation Navy), only during the period from July 10, 1965 on February 14, 1968 MiG-61 shot down in 1917, and for all the war in Vietnam was shot 92 MiG-17 with the loss of 20 American planes in battles with the MiG-17, ie the loss ratio in air battles 4,6:1 for Americans. Knowing biases of Western military losses can be highly doubt the veracity of those figures.

A reception combat aircraft MiG-17 Americans helped careful reading of the particular flight and combat capabilities of fighter jets, two of which are in a position poletoprigodnom they received from Israel. In the hands of those Israeli aircraft hit on Aug. 12, 1968, when the Syrian Air Force pilots during a training flight off with the course and mistakenly landed at an Israeli airport (by some reports, the Syrians were misled Israelis file their uplink in Arabic). Initially, two MiG-17 aircraft were obletany Israeli Air Force pilots, then in 1969 with fighter MiG-21 F, they were sent to the United States in exchange for a commitment to the United States to Israel weapons trebovavsheesya after the Six Day “War. One of the MiG-17 aircraft used in military training centre Navy pilots (Top gun). Even after 20 years (in 1988), an acute shortage of hard currency forced the Polish government to allow the United States to sell more aircraft Lim-5 (MiG-17 F) and Lim-6m (MiG-17 PF) Polish production. These aircraft to be used in schools training pilots and they were used for this purpose, at least during one of the exercises in autumn 1988

Chinese J-5 participated in a number of incidents in Taiwan. According to Chinese sources, in 1958 J-5 aircraft in the Chinese air force shot down two Taiwanese fighter F-84G and six F-86, October 7, 1959 J-5 shooting down the Taiwanese Chinese Navy reconnaissance aircraft RB-47D, back to airfield after intelligence over northern China. MiG-17 is also used in a number of relatively small-scale conflicts. In March 1963 the aircraft MiG-17 air force independent Northern Yemen participated in the aerial battles with aircraft “Hunter” Air Force England, Ltd. in colonial South Yemen. In the 1967-1970 biennium. in time of civil war in Nigeria, government forces have used air force MiG-17 F to attack rebel forces Biafra (stremivsheysya out an independent republic). MiG-17 F participated in the fighting in the border dispute between Uganda and Tanzania in 1972, and in Mozambique, aircraft MiG-17 F (supplied from North Korea) used in the early 1980’s to suppress nationalist guerrilla forces. During the war in Afghanistan, MiG-17 and MiG-17 F government forces were attacked positions mujahidin in the mountains.

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